Lookman Ogboye

Lookman Ogboye

I am a data analyst and a seasoned project management professional (PMP) with over 10 years of progressive industry experience majorly in the education and power sectors. In my working career, I have worked across various technical departments, where I have aided and supported business decisions through detailed and thorough data collection, cleaning, analysis and presentation, using specialized tools and software.

I have a high proficiency and expertise use of Microsoft Power BI, Excel and SQL, with critical and analytical skills in qualitative analysis, thereby making meaning out of raw data through content analysis. Using these tools, I can create interactive dashboards, business logical models, project frameworks and surveys, data models and flow management, as well as facilitate the conduct of technical research and market analysis.

I also have field experience collecting data, mapping and conducting monitoring assessments on projects and programs, in view to achieving stated outcomes and goals. This has also improved my leadership, strategic planning and communication skills as I have been able to spearhead various teams in achieving projects and programs goals, across various territories and industries in Nigeria.

As an engineering graduate, I am well abreast with the notion of putting pieces together in view to have a holistic perspective and this is why I am passionate about data analysis because, from the collection and analysis of raw data on the field through the use of surveys, one can make an informed decision towards the achievement of organizational objectives and goals.

Data is a critical component for the success of any business and organization. However, well collected, processed and presented data (information), fuels the progress of any organization and this is where I come in, to give you a highly meticulous and thought-out analysis and unbiased representation of processed data, through effective reporting.

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