Samuel Omoregie

Samuel Omoregie

Samuel is a highly skilled Development Professional with over 9 years of expertise in Education and Research. He has a proven track record in education management, team management, content development, research, training, coaching, and mentoring with a strong focus on improving skills, organizational productivity, and overall people performance.

Samuel is skilled in data collection, transcription, labelling, entry, analysis, and presentation. He has a keen eye for detail and is exceptional at interpreting and presenting complex data in a clear and concise manner. Samuel’s communication skills are outstanding, and he has a proven track record of initiating and sustaining partnerships with Communities, Government agencies, and Non-Profits.

In addition, he has published several journal articles, and extensive qualitative and quantitative research experience spanning over 5 years. He is committed to excellence in his work and continually seeks new opportunities to improve his skills and knowledge. He is a valuable asset to our team and is dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for our clients and stakeholders.

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