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IT Consulting

We advise organizations on how best to use information technology in achieving their business objectives.

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Management Consulting

We provide advisory services to the senior management of organizations with the aim of improving the effectiveness of their business strategy, organizational performance and operational processes.

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Strategy Consulting

We provide this type of management consulting which focuses on providing advice to businesses on their overall strategy and long-term plans. Our Strategy consultants work with clients to help them identify their goals, assess their competitive environment, and develop strategies for achieving their objectives.

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Expert Network Services

This aspect of professional service provides clients with access to a network of subject matter experts (SMEs) who can provide insights and knowledge on specific industries, markets, technologies, or other specialized fields. ENS firms typically recruit and screen experts from various fields and make them available to clients who need expert insights to support their business decisions, investment strategies, or other projects.

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ERP Services

ERP services refer to consulting, implementation, and support services related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems. ERP systems are software applications that integrate and manage a company's core business processes and data, including finance, supply chain management, inventory, manufacturing, and human resources.


Data Analytics

Data analytics refers to the process of analyzing and interpreting large sets of data to uncover insights, patterns, and trends. The goal of data analytics is to use data to make informed business decisions and improve organizational performance.


Systems Integration

Systems integration refers to the process of combining different software systems, hardware components, and data sources to create a unified, integrated system that meets the needs of the business. The goal of systems integration is to enable different systems to work together seamlessly and efficiently, without duplicating effort or creating data silos.

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Uniek Ideas Consulting is a pace setter that has come to transform the technological ecosystem in Africa. They leverage technology to solve complex challenges.

(JAYUS POWER Consulting)

Managing Director
DLI 3.0 project has positively impacted the lives of so many teachers in Edo State.It exposed them to learning online and equipped them with the knowledge they require to be better educators.


Project Coordinator

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